View Full Version : SoundCloud Home Recording Series inc. Fylde Archtop Zouk

Jan-15-2017, 8:04pm
Been a while since I posted here but I am in the process of doing a series of home recordings on my SoundCloud page (http://soundcloud.com/averylevine) and thought I would share the bouzouki tracks. While it was posted a while ago; the first one is a home demo of an original song which is the title track of my upcoming EP Lonesome City (http://soundcloud.com/averylevine/lonesome-city-demomp3).

Jan-20-2017, 6:18pm
Another song on the Fylde this week; a cover of Laura Marling's All My Rage (https://soundcloud.com/averylevine/all-my-rage-laura-marling-cover-on-bouzouki)

Jan-27-2017, 6:58pm
Another original on the zouk this week Can't Stop Trying (https://soundcloud.com/averylevine/cant-stop-trying).

Feb-10-2017, 7:08pm
And the last one; an old Scottish song called Erin Go Bragh (https://soundcloud.com/averylevine/erin-go-bragh).