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Jan-14-2017, 2:44pm
Here a some pics of one from the last batch of mandos at the end of last year. This one featured an X braced one piece englemann top and a one piece pa sugar maple back. Thanks for looking, Walter
"JUNE " mandolins and guitars

Skip Kelley
Jan-14-2017, 6:41pm
Nice looking F5 Walter! I love your inlay and the sunburst is spot on! I bet it's a hoss!

Randi Gormley
Jan-16-2017, 6:17am
really pretty -- it seems to glow. how does it sound?

Drew Egerton
Jan-16-2017, 9:05am
very nice! I especially like the back and the neck wood.

Steve Sorensen
Jan-16-2017, 2:58pm
In addition to all the other great looks, cool inlay idea, Walt.


Jan-16-2017, 6:21pm
Thanks for the compliments! The mandolin sounded really good. I have really come to like x-braced mandolins. Its taken a few years and quite a few builds to begin to dial it all in. By moving the location of the x and the angle of the bars i have been able to get the sound that i have been looking for in each instrument. This year i hope to build a couple mandos that i have always wanted to build. One of the first will be a one piece top,one piece birdseye maple back, black/white/black triple bound varnished A5.
thanks again, Walter

Jan-17-2017, 4:13am
That's one cool looking mandolin - great work!

Ron McMillan
Jan-17-2017, 6:07am
Looks great. Picture #040 now makes a very fine wallpaper background on my PC, too :)

Jan-22-2017, 8:52pm