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Hayes Griffin
Jan-12-2017, 6:10pm
Howdy folks! Iíd like to share some pictures and audio samples of my new Isabel Model A Mandolin. For those that donít know, Isabel mandolins are built in Zanesville, OH by luthier Wes Archer, and this beautiful blackface A is Isabel #10. Like all of Wesí mandolins, the attention to detail is impeccably precise and #10 has a strong voice. I have been very happy with this instrument in the 3 weeks that Iíve owned it, and it has been fun hearing it open up in that time. Below youíll find some pictures, a spec list, and an audio clip of me thrashing my way through something close to Cherokee Shuffle (apologies in advances for the out-of-tune last double stop).

A huge thanks to Wes for building such a fine instrument, and thanks to everyone else for looking!

Isabel #10 Specs:
Carpathian Spruce Top (standard placement tone bars)
Quilted Hard Maple Back and Sides
Curly Red Maple Neck
Carbon Fiber Truss Rod
Cumberland Acoustics Bridge
Mahogany tail and head blocks
Ivoroid triple binding on top, neck, and peghead
Ebony Fingerboard (flat)
Ebony Peghead Veneer
Pearl Nut
Pearl Dot Inlays
Narrow Frets
Grover Tuners

Jan-12-2017, 7:47pm
Nice sounding instrument, well played.

Marty Jacobson
Jan-12-2017, 7:59pm
Sounds and looks fantastic. Congrats to you and kudos to Wes (fscotte).

Clinton Johnson
Jan-12-2017, 8:12pm
I second the kudos to Fscotte....simply gorgeous!

Jan-13-2017, 7:12am
Thank you Hayes for your kind words!

And instead of tooting my own horn, for those that don't know, Hayes is the guitar player for an up and coming bluegrass band, Newtown Bluegrass band.


Their song Harlan Road was on the nominee list for a Grammy! Check Hayes out, heck of a guitar player, and I am very happy to have him playing one of my mandos!


Hayes Griffin
Jan-26-2017, 9:15am
Thanks for the kind words Wes. In case anybody here is interested, I've been posting short clips of Isabel #10 over on Instagram, and I've included the most recent in this post. If you're interested in seeing regular updates of this mandolin, my handle on Instagram is "hayesgriffin" (original, I know).