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Jan-04-2017, 11:02pm
Here's me on mandolin doing Leather Britches. I just posted a video on here yesterday, so I hope this isn't too much too often. Let me know if I'm breaking decorum. Also, should I just make one thread to put these in or keep posting them under separate threads? Thanks everyone.

https://youtu.be/ascQP_LtELc?list=PLyUFABQ05gdJX4xCTp_PbgEW4fw9rO3O 0

Jan-05-2017, 12:22am
Sounds great,man!
You gave me some good ideas on that tune. Not sure I can get my hands to do them...

Jan-05-2017, 12:26am
PS:how do you learn new tunes? Just by listening? Mando tab?

Jan-05-2017, 7:25am
Good pickin'!

Clinton Johnson
Jan-05-2017, 7:50am
I've only got one word for that right there: Awesome!

Jan-05-2017, 5:03pm
Thanks guys :)
V7, these tunes I've been playing Ive learnt the basic tune from the Fiddlers Fakebook, which I highly recommend, then listened to versions wherever I can find them, and just kept playing it until I've known it well, and then recorded a version with the basic melody first and then improvisation. But I've also learned tunes by playing them at pickings. That's the more...flavorful way.

Jan-05-2017, 5:08pm
Very nice! Keep posting!

Denny Gies
Jan-05-2017, 5:12pm
Very nice.

Jan-06-2017, 10:36am
Really liked your take on this, particularly the little bluesy licks at 1:14 into it, and the big open strums provide some power into the mix. You've got a little bit of everything. Well done!

Jan-06-2017, 2:19pm
Great job! With picking like that, post as often as you'd like!! I don't know of any unwritten Café decorum regarding posting, so I'd say do whichever you prefer, though it would be kind of cool to have them all in one place...