View Full Version : A few pics of #6

Clinton Johnson
Jan-02-2017, 12:04pm
iPhone quality sorry:)

Jan-02-2017, 12:14pm
Like the dark colors and tortoise combination, Clinton.
What kind of tuners are those?
Let's hear it.

Clinton Johnson
Jan-02-2017, 12:28pm
Hi Bill, that's just ole kluson tuners. Not very popular but tunes the mandolin just fine lol. I'll try to get a sound clip up soon. Got one in the white but not after finish.
The binding is called Tigerloid

Skip Kelley
Jan-09-2017, 7:11pm
Clinton, nice work! I'd love to hear a sound clip!

Clinton Johnson
Jan-11-2017, 8:29pm
I'm not a pro but here's a little "grandfathers clock". Sorry for the delay guys

Jan-11-2017, 8:37pm
I like your band; great cross-picking!

Jan-11-2017, 9:05pm
Wow..I didn't expect it to sound so good! That's number 6? It's clear, crisp, full of character, good bass response...

I've played a number of early builds from other luthiers that were pretty mediocre, tone-wise....but you already have "the sound"...

Clinton Johnson
Jan-12-2017, 8:30pm
Update: Wow this mando sold as fast as I could make it. I've just donated 2% of the sale to the Mandolin Cafe!....why? Because this is THE best darn website in the world right here! Many thanks to those who created it!:mandosmiley::mandosmiley::mandosmiley: