View Full Version : Mic question

Mar-06-2004, 9:25pm
On live shows i sometimes see the large diaphragm condenser mounted upside down. Any particular reason for this?

Mar-07-2004, 2:12pm
Whatever it takes to get to the "sweet spot"...

The mic doesn't care how it's mounted.....

Mar-07-2004, 2:45pm
I wondered if it was maybe a phase thing... or maybe the cardioid pattern was better for getting the vocals and the instruments (which are physically lower) that way. Some rough tests with mine seem to show that.

Mar-07-2004, 7:01pm
I wonder if they are using a tube mic? AT has a real nice tube mic, the 4060. In the old days of of tube mics they always had 'em upside down so the heat from the tubes wouldn't cook the diaphram, the tubes being in the base of the mic. If it's transistor they might be going for some visual effect. If you look at the polar pattern that comes with good mic's it doesn't matter if it's upside down or not.

Mar-07-2004, 9:48pm
I guess it could have been tube mics... i don't know what models or anything. Upside down in that case makes perfect sense.