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Jun-02-2005, 7:59am
don't know if i can go, but a band called "blue merle" is playing in boston friday. thought i'd seen em mentioned on the cafe, but a search didn't show it...
anyone seen these guys? what are they like, live???
i listened to some samples of their album, sound pretty good... kinda derivative of other modern bands, but acoustic with a mando thrown in were how they sounded to me, but they were only 20 minute snipets of studio work.

Jun-02-2005, 2:40pm
www.bluemerle.net or I think www.bluemwerle.com as well. The official site for the band has an entire show for free download in mp3 form. Should give you enough footage to form an opinion.
My opinion is, they are ok. I've talked about them some on the forum, the more I listen to them, the more they seem like a DMB/Coldplay cross. They use instruments like DMB (no sax but a mando used as color and a fiddle) and their songs sort of flow like Coldplay. To me they are a bit harmonicly bland, they don't really seem to go anywhere and start to sound alike. But, like I said, I've listened to them a bit, so they are not bad. And, I have been told that their concerts have gotten more dynamic since they recorded the one for download.

Jun-02-2005, 5:21pm
their site has a free download of a live gig in nashville (i think). if you do check them out friday, please let us know how it went. the most interesting thing about them - to me - is the mandolin. i wish it were featured more in their performances.

Jun-03-2005, 5:34am
I haven't heard them yet, but it's funny that it was mentioned that they compared to DMB since they're opening for them down here at the Beach later this month. I didn't know they had a mando...I will be sure to go early and catch their show now...