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Dec-24-2016, 6:20am

Dec-24-2016, 9:10am
Very Nice. Merry Christmas.

Dec-24-2016, 3:37pm
Nice, diptanshu,
Very nice.

Bob Clark
Dec-24-2016, 9:50pm
Hi Diptanshu,

I really enjoy your music whether solo or with your wonderful band. From what little I have seen, it seems like Kolkata must have quite a strong and diverse music culture. Snehasish Mozumder is also from Kolkata, isn't he? What can you tell us about the musical life of your city, and especially about the role of mandolins in it? Have you studied or played in the US or Europe?

Again, I really enjoy your music. Thanks very much for posting it. I hope you will continue to share it with us.

Best wishes,


F-2 Dave
Dec-25-2016, 1:01am
Merry Christmas, Deep. I enjoyed the tune very much.

Mark Gunter
Dec-25-2016, 10:06am

Dec-25-2016, 12:05pm
hey bob
thanks for checking my music... kolkata was a music/cultural capital of our country in the 60s and 70s... the scene is much smaller now compared to the rest of india. (i am leaving bollywood out of this, as thats a whole different industry)
to be honest i dont think there are too many mandolin players in the city. i dont know anyone playing bluegrass... (there are some people playing indian classical, students of snehashish da)

i have visited europe a couple of times and have played there as well... i have been to the mandolin symposium in CA, USA and had a great time meeting my heros! but my learning has been mostly online... watching videos and listning to the greats :)

thanks once again!

Charles E.
Dec-25-2016, 3:57pm
Diptanshu, I really enjoyed that. I hope you will not object to me posting this.......

Have a good new year!