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Jun-01-2005, 1:38pm
Just trying to get a handle on players and styles, since free time this summer is it a minimum, I don't have a date in mind.
I'm a guitar player first, with basic mandolin skills.
Interested in old time, blues and slow BG.
Anybody else?

Jun-01-2005, 7:31pm
I'm in somerset county. And I know another cafe member in Parsippany. I'm game. I really don't do acoustic blues(have on electric gtr); bg +old time sounds ok. I do alot of italian folk and used to do a lot of classic country on guitar and mandolin in a band years ago.

man doh
Jun-01-2005, 9:11pm
Are you folks windgap bound in a few weeks?

Jun-01-2005, 9:58pm
Are there any Scouters out there planning on bringing ther instruments to Jamboree at AP Hill this summer?

Jun-02-2005, 9:09am
I'm in Parsippany like your friend

hey man doh,
I'm 'windgap' challenged; what/where (Water Gap?)?

man doh
Jun-02-2005, 9:51am
sorry bob, The Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival. Its south of Water Gap on rt 33. it's an AFBA event. It June 9, 10, 11.

check out AFBA.org

Jun-02-2005, 5:49pm
Tell me about AP Hill

Aug-09-2005, 9:33am
Sorry I/m just seeing your post. This was the National Scout jamboree held every 4 years. I never found a jam, but hooked up with two guitar players and a banjo in front of the Venture Scouts mine exhibit for some lunch time playing one day.