View Full Version : Chord Melody Tuesday: Etude, Brute?

Drew Streip
Dec-06-2016, 9:10am
I'm back with another minute of music (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8O6zlEDjMdE)! Learning these tunes has been beneficial for several reasons:

My pinkie is becoming sentient
I'm finally understanding some of the stuff my guitar teacher tried to tell me 10 years ago
My girlfriend likes having something new to listen to every week


I switched to a Wegen pick this week. I think the sound is better, but my strings are also a little less bright from two hard gigs. (And my guitar player broke my Red Bear:crying:)

Drew Streip
Dec-07-2016, 9:04am
Quick bump of the thread to say thanks to Scott for correcting my video embedding error! I'd hate to learn all these tunes and not get to show them off.... :mandosmiley:

Dec-07-2016, 9:52am
Lovely playing and great tune - is it in an instruction book?

Dec-07-2016, 10:10am
I believe he's working through Aaron Weinstein's chord melody book. It's on my agenda after Christmas, and these vids are stoking me up! Nice job, man!

Drew Streip
Dec-07-2016, 10:11am
Lovely playing and great tune - is it in an instruction book?

Yep -- I downloaded Aaron's ebook here: http://www.melbay.com/Products/30502EB/mandolin-chord-melody-system.aspx

NFI, unless you want some lessons ;) but in that case, you should probably ask Aaron himself because I'm a hack!

Dec-07-2016, 10:55am
If you're a hack, what am I? Anyway many thanks, I definitely need to get that book. Especially if you're doing some of the tunes so I can hear what they sound like. Hey, it's nearly Christmas, I've been a good boy and a deserve a present.

Dec-08-2016, 10:37am
Drew, great job again!! Thanks so much for posting. And please keep it up!!

As for recording the etudes--it is definitely on my new year's resolution list.