View Full Version : ''Bluegrass Mid America'' Radio Station.

Ivan Kelsall
Dec-05-2016, 4:46am
Does anybody know if the radio station ''Bluegrass Mid America'', broadcast from O'Fallon
Missouri has ceased broadcasting ?.

I've been listening to it for over 12 months now & it's suddenly stopped. Looking at their website,it gives :- ''server staus'' - offline & ''source status'' - offline.

I'm assuming that it's offline for all & not just UK listeners :confused:,

Dec-05-2016, 3:21pm
It's not working for me either. I have an app on my Android phone called "Bluegrass Radio." It's from Sterling App Development and it's available on the Google Play Store. This app has 7 stations to choose from and the Mid America station was my favorite. NFI. You may like one of the other stations. Worth a try if Mid America doesn't return.

Ivan Kelsall
Dec-06-2016, 2:17am
Hi Scott - Thanks for the info. If BGMA has gone off line permanently,then it'll be the 3rd Bluegrass radio station that i've listened to to do so. The very first & up to now,the 'best' station was actually called ''Bluegrass Radio''. That vanished several years back due to lack of funding. I used to listen to ''Frontporch Bluegrass'' until suddenly,it started airing adverts from the UK. ''Bluegrass Country'' isn't too bad,so i might go back to that one until i find something else,

Ivan Kelsall
Dec-06-2016, 3:31am
I've just found the I/net radio station ''World Wide Bluegrass'' & it seems pretty good :- http://player.streamlicensing.com/1842?l&stream_id=6823,