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May-30-2005, 5:34pm
Hey All!

Come up to the Nashua Garden Pub for a new bluegrass & old time open mic jam! #It's an open band format every Thursday night starting at 9:00pm. #

All players of acoustic instruments are welcome - mandolins, banjos, fiddles, resophonic guitars, washtub bass, and accordions, whatever.... Most genres of music are acceptable, including bluegrass, old timey, jug band music, Celtic, contra and other forms of traditional music.

This is really not a blues jam or singer/songwriter open mic per sey. The format is a presentation of music by a single group of musicians with interchanging members. Musicians wanting to participate should be able to follow along with basic chord changes and be willing to lead a song or tune. #There’s no sign up list either – just introduce yourself between acts or sets and say you want to join in the fun!
We also have feature bands at this weekly event! If you are in a group playing bluegrass, old timey or traditional music and would like to come up and play a set on a Thursday night, send me an email!

The Nashua Garden is located in downtown Nashua at 121 Main Street in Nashua, NH. #For more information send me an email, or better yet come hang out and have a pint!