View Full Version : Elkhorn F-5 #50 Fiddleback Koa/ Red Cedar

Nov-19-2016, 9:25am

Number three of four very limited edition Fiddleback Koa/Red Cedar F-5's. Elkhorn #50 just off the bench. A milestone in the Elkhorn shop!! Enjoy!

GarY Nava
Nov-19-2016, 10:45am
That is very nice indeed!
Cheers Gary

Nov-19-2016, 11:29am
Eye-candy for sure... very nice indeed! Has a really "organic" vibe to it... bet it sounds great!

Charles E.
Nov-19-2016, 6:50pm
Stunning mandolin, thanks for sharing. I love the classic design with alternative materials.

Trey Young
Nov-19-2016, 6:58pm
Beautiful Robb! Congrats on #50!!!

Skip Kelley
Nov-19-2016, 8:39pm
Robb, that mandolin looks incredible!!!

Nov-21-2016, 4:36pm
Thanks for all the nice comments Folks...very much appreciated. This really did turn out to be a pretty special mandolin! Currently working on a traditional Maple/Red Spruce F-5 and the last of the Fiddleback Koa. I'll keep you all posted.

Denny Gies
Nov-21-2016, 5:01pm
Boy oh boy, nice work.

Nov-21-2016, 5:33pm
Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your 50 builds. Very beautiful art. I really like your spar varnish rubbed satin finishes like on #35. You are the only one doing these type finishes that I know of on mandolins. It's a blueprinted attention to smoothing every detail. What type varnish do you use?

Nov-30-2016, 4:15pm
Currently using a product from LMI...really liking the way it behaves and the cure time is much shorter than many of the other products. Makes the finish time a bit shorter also. That's a good thing! Thanks for the kind words.