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Mar-06-2004, 11:43am
I've been sifting thru the BluegrassBox archives... wow, what a huge bunch of treasures. I am so grateful that this site exists and think it's so important that these live shows were captured and can be handed down. They're a slice of time past that can never be retrieved or relived.

I've been listening to a lot of early Mon, Del & Dixie Pals, NGR in '72, Hotrize from '82. Glorious.

Mar-07-2004, 8:52am
Same here. I also like the Doc Watson stuff, especially w/ Skaggs, or Grisman (mandos).

Sam Bush and David Grisman have a few workshops on there as well as concerts that are basically their latest "Hold On We're STrumming" CD.

Del McCoury Band, Country Gentlemen, the All Star Jams (asj....), etc...

What a great resource.

Mar-07-2004, 11:23am
Got the Bill Monroe & Doc Watson "Live Duets". (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000001DJ5/qid%3D1078676611/sr%3D11-1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/103-3841609-6605408)
Smithsonian/Folkways [SF CD 40064]

One 'strong' picking/vocal CD.
They recreate some of Bill & Charlie Monroe's early duets.