View Full Version : A new Ludewig oval hole

Dale Ludewig
Nov-12-2016, 5:19pm
I just finished this one up. Some amazing redwood that I got from Spruce a few years ago. I finished up an F5 (kind of) last year with it and now this oval hole. Haven't had an oval hole for some years since I sold "greenie". Joined at the 14th fret, Bill James tailpiece and bridge. Tubby on the bottom, pretty bright on top. And very loud. Not a bluegrass mandolin but seems real fine for classical, jazz, and such. Anyway:


Joe Mendel
Nov-12-2016, 5:40pm
Very nice! Interesting bridge foot, what is your reasoning for that?

Dale Ludewig
Nov-12-2016, 5:49pm
Joe, it's Bill James' idea. To prevent the tendency for the bridge foot to rock forward. I've never had a problem with that anyway, but Bill had sent me one a couple years ago so I could be a guinea pig. I put it on the main mandolin that I play and I really liked it- the look of it. I don't know if it affects the acoustics of the top or not. If anything, I think it's good. I've put 5 or 6 on since then. He makes a great bridge, BTW. We call it the Smiley.

Skip Kelley
Nov-12-2016, 6:42pm
Dale, that's a nice looking oval hole! I like the smiley bridge!