View Full Version : Playing the Eno River

Charles E.
Oct-27-2016, 9:36pm
A friend of ours, Tom Earnhardt, is a documentary film maker focusing on all things about North Carolina. He is currently doing a film about water in North Carolina, from the mountains to the sea. He asked us if we would be willing to record two tunes while sitting in the Eno River at Few's Ford. Of course we said yes.


Oct-28-2016, 9:08am
You are taking humidification to the next level!
I thought for a second this thread had todo with Brian Eno's "By This River" https://youtu.be/SrZYP8SzlN8

Oct-28-2016, 6:04pm
Nice. Beats the ho-hum, boring pictures of most bands/music groups these days (IMHO).

Oct-29-2016, 2:44am
Thanks from the valley of the Yadkin.

Oct-29-2016, 12:08pm
Looks kind of fishy...

But what fun !

Charles E.
Oct-30-2016, 6:33pm
We had a blast. Tom had two cameras and a drone filming us for the documentary. The drone flew directly at us at eye level, then went over us and back to do a 360 around us. It was pretty cool.