View Full Version : Lord I Hope This Day is Good Tab Help

Mar-06-2004, 8:57am
I am looking for tab for this song performed by Don Williams, Keith Whitley and Lee Ann Womack. Anyone know where to find it? Thanks.


Mar-09-2004, 10:32am
Don Williams song (chords/words) no tab (http://www.roughstock.com/cowpie/cowpie-songs/w/williams_don/lord_i_hope_day_is_good.crd)

You may already have this, but it's a start in case you don't. "Roughstock.com" ; in the "cowpie bunkhouse" song corral, you'll find words and chords to MANY songs (many genres).....check it out.

Mar-17-2004, 6:14pm
Thanks. Looks like I'll be going this route! It'll be worth it though, when I'm done!

John Zimm
Mar-19-2004, 12:34pm
Have you heard Paul Brewster's version yet? It is really beautiful-Paul has got to have the best voice in country music, and Ricky Skaggs plays the mando lead on it.


Mar-29-2004, 2:30pm
I'm glad you brought up that old song. I used to hear it on my way to work and had forgotten all about it.

I've printed out the words & chords, transposed it into A 'cause it's just easier to sing, and my daughter & I worked up a guitar-mando version in case we ever sing at the old folks home.

Mar-29-2004, 3:27pm
Don Williams....Not enough "o's" in the word smooooooth to describe his voice...That song "Good Old Boys Like Me" gets me everytime!