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Martin Jonas
Oct-16-2016, 2:23pm
John Goodin (3 June 2016): "Swarbrick Sends A Tune To Iowa"

This air was written by mandolinist and composer John Goodin of Decatur, Iowa, on 3 June 2016, in memory of Dave Swarbrick (1941-2016) when he heard the news of Swarb's death earlier that day.

Swarb was one of my musical heroes and main musical influences. I'm not a composer, and I am grateful to John for expressing my feelings in music. John's score and his own recording are at his blog here:


For my own recording of this tune, I have used my vintage Gibson Ajr -- in keeping with the preference of both Swarb and John for old Gibson oval-hole A-style mandolins.

1921 Gibson Ajr mandolin
Vintage Viaten tenor guitar

Photos of Swarb playing mandolin by Trevor Moyle (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?86221-Dave-Swarbrick-(Fairport-Convention)-Weber-Acoustic-Music-Co) (of TAMCO in Brighton) and Ian Burgess (of Friends Of Fairport, via emando.com (http://www.emando.com/players/Swarbrick.htm)) -- hope you don't mind using the photos, but let me know if you do and I will take them down.


Oct-17-2016, 3:51am
Great tune, well played on a lovely sounding mandolin -ticks all the boxes.

Oct-21-2016, 2:01am
No Problem Martin. BTW I supplied the Weber but didn't take the photo.