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french guy
Oct-10-2016, 11:18am
Hi all
I've not posted on the cafe since a long , long long time .
But I want to share with all the mando aficionados you are here , this thing which I've just finished
It's a training ( no noise ) mandolin , made out of walnut.
there is an under saddle customised Shadow pickup under the bridge , coupled with a preamp
and a 9V battery.
it works with headphone & 3,5mm jack
The 2 sides are removable for travel easily
I call it " the Nautilus " .

Have a look , thanks

Oct-10-2016, 11:55am
Jean, that looks really cool! Nice design, and good to hear from you again!

Rob Beck
Oct-10-2016, 12:05pm
What a great idea! I really like that, good work French Guy :)

Oct-10-2016, 12:10pm
Very cool design. I'd like to hear it.

Oct-10-2016, 12:19pm
Very cool!

George R. Lane
Oct-10-2016, 1:12pm
Not to be confused with Nautilus mandolins by Marty Jacobson.

Oct-10-2016, 3:17pm
The idea of a travel/training mandolin is wonderful! And it looks great! Would love to hear it too.

Skip Kelley
Oct-11-2016, 5:46am
That's super cool! Jean, good to see you back on here!!!

Bertram Henze
Oct-11-2016, 6:23am
That's cool enough to freeze hell over twice. Especially the snakehead tailpiece and the convertible sides.

Oct-12-2016, 6:47am
That looks remarkably similar to my Reiter electric violin. Great minds think alike, I suppose. And it does look cool, indeed.

french guy
Oct-12-2016, 11:08am
Hi all , thanks for the replies
first , I'm sorry for having use the same name "Nautilus" as Marty Jacobson does , in fact the side construction I've made look like the sea shell , that only why.
BTW , I visit Marty's website and it's just amazing.
After that , I've finally record a small part of a tune , the cable goes from the mando to the pc soundcard directly.
The tone potentiometer is in the middle range
let's hear


Oct-12-2016, 11:43am
Thanks for the sound clip, Jean. Sounds very nice. This would be a great addition to a suitcase.
Marty is a great guy and a great designer/builder. I have a ten string, fanned fret instrument he built for me and it is very, very nice. You both can be flattered that you thought of the same name. What is "Nautilus" in French?

french guy
Oct-12-2016, 12:28pm
Nautilus is simply "nautile" in french

I have that big and old fossil at home, this may be what inspired me unconsciously


Oct-12-2016, 3:36pm
A nice fossil and very appropriate name.
Someone, and I cannot remember who built a mandolin in that shape. It was very interesting.
Ah, here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/210744623/fibonacci-shaped-mandolin-acoustic

Bill Snyder
Oct-13-2016, 9:33pm
Sounds very good. I have always admired your work. I remember seeing your instruments over at the MIMF several years back. Even you early mandolins were inspired and inspiring. :)

Marty Jacobson
Oct-13-2016, 11:11pm
I have no trademark or intellectual property on "nautilus". I named my instruments for the same reason, because the sides wrap around the instrument. Nice work, well done.

Bertram Henze
Oct-14-2016, 12:34am
I have that big and old fossil at home, this may be what inspired me unconsciously

When I saw this instrument, I had a completely different shape association.


Oct-15-2016, 6:27am