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Oct-03-2016, 1:54pm

No Strings Attached, Kolkata

Earl Gamage
Oct-03-2016, 3:12pm
Nice job, good groove.

Denny Gies
Oct-03-2016, 4:09pm
Bald Mountain Banjo, huh? Nice job by everyone.

Dave Hanson
Oct-04-2016, 1:28am
Love it, one of my favourites.

Dave H

Oct-04-2016, 3:00am
As allways, you sound good.

How do you deal with humidity in your part of the world?

Oct-04-2016, 8:17am
thanks! to be honest i have to deal with very high action during the humid months :(

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bald mountain band :)

Oct-04-2016, 12:54pm
That's a fun song to see how high you can go in numbers and make up verses = "Darlin' you can't love ten...." Fifteen? Twenty? e.g. Darlin' you can't love ten and come back home again.