View Full Version : Childgrove from John Playford's English Dances

Ron McKinnon
Oct-01-2016, 10:17pm
An arrangement from John Playford's renaissance-era "The English Dancing Master". Modern folk rhythm meets renaissance melody.

I play the melody on my Breedlove Quartz OF mandolin and the accompaniment on a borrowed nylon-string Tatay flamenco guitar; I found that my steel-string acoustic was a too harsh-sounding accompaniment for the material.


After mixing I ran it through a mastering algorithm at LANDR.com and I think the results were positive. It definitely added some presence to the playback.

Oct-05-2016, 6:46am
Real nice recording Ron. Thanks for sharing.

Ron McKinnon
Oct-05-2016, 7:55am
Real nice recording Ron. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, much appreciated!