View Full Version : Original songs on mandolin and guitar, tell me what you think!

Sep-19-2016, 4:11pm
Hello everyone, I'm not a frequent writer in this forum but a frequent reader: thank you all for lots of interesting threads and goods music! This summer me and my long time friend recorded some of our own material. Mandolin (Capek F5 Professional) and guitar (Martin 00015, I think) recorded straight up, no overdubs or other silly things. I'm sticking out my neck but I would love som input both on the material itself, the performance and recording/mixing!

If you feel like it, have a listen at https://soundcloud.com/traveling_light

(I tried to embed the songs right in here but couldn't get it to work...)

Werner Jaekel
Sep-19-2016, 4:32pm
like it. Following on soundcloud

Sep-19-2016, 7:36pm
I love this.
Really nice playing and tonal quality.
Reckon you've got the mix spot on (I'm no audiophile mind).
Terrific compositions and lovely interplay between mandolin and guitar.
Any CD for sale in the wings?

Denny Gies
Sep-19-2016, 7:58pm
Nice stuff, thanks for sharing with us.

Sep-19-2016, 9:19pm
I like and nice tone on that mandolin