View Full Version : Lebeda A5+ master model

May-25-2005, 11:44am
Here are a few pix showing off the curves of this A5+; Jiri calls it a Master Model because of the extra touches like maple binding and gold fixtures, but I call it a Master Model because of the tone and volume. The top is a wide-grained Bohemian spruce and I think that's what really makes this instrument so good.

May-25-2005, 11:45am
Here's the back...

May-25-2005, 11:46am
Here's a side-on view showing both curves and the detail of the binding...

May-25-2005, 1:18pm
Great instrument, congratulations! Jiri knows how to make a mandolin..

Skip Kelley
May-25-2005, 4:09pm
Greta looking mando! How about a pic of the back!

May-26-2005, 1:01am
Glad to oblige... the colour is really nice, it is hard to get the lighting right to show it w/o too much reflection from the glossy finish

May-26-2005, 1:05am
here is the mando with a contrasting (!) background.... again, the photos don't do it justice in this lighting

Skip Kelley
May-26-2005, 6:13am
Great looking mando!!