View Full Version : A Treasure Trove of Tiny, Johnny and Jethro

Don Grieser
Sep-07-2016, 7:18pm
And that Eldon Shamblin guy on guitar.

Blues in G followed by Fat Boy Rag

Some fiddling

Swing 39

With Dawg on Tiny's Rag

Intro by the Dawg

Charles E.
Sep-07-2016, 8:28pm
Is that an oval hole Monteleone mandolin Tiny is playing?

Great stuff!

Don Grieser
Sep-07-2016, 8:47pm
A 2 point oval hole Monte. Wonder where that mando is....

There's more.

How High the Moon

Jethro's Tune

Charles E.
Sep-07-2016, 8:54pm
Don, thanks, it sounds really good. It looks like Johnny was playing a......what? Whatever it is he can make it sound fine.

Don Grieser
Sep-07-2016, 8:58pm
Maybe an A50? Strung with just 4 strings.

John Rosett
Sep-08-2016, 8:04am
Maybe an A50? Strung with just 4 strings.

It's a 30's A-50 with a modified Telecaster pickup: http://www.vintagemandolin.com/em150_history.html

Sep-09-2016, 6:34pm
Now, that's fun right there! I love the casual look from ALL the guys! The smile on "Mr. Eldin Shamblin with his Telecaster guitar" is so telling of how much fun was had on that stage! Thank you so much for sharing this one! I will be replaying the show soon enough!
Or is it a Strat? I am "lektrikally imprisoned"

Sep-10-2016, 8:15am
Wow, smooth and pure joy. What a pleasure to hear, I have a smile from ear to ear, thank you for posting these gems!

Jim Hudson
Sep-10-2016, 9:10am
Thanks so much for posting this. What great gentlemen pickers! Johnny was kind enough to play fiddle at the 10th Anniversary of my vet hospital in Dripping Springs, Tx many years ago ... no pay, just for fun. So approachable, always kind, a really genuine human. I sold the hospital, Johnny's passed on ... the post is so very special to me and I'm sure, to many many others.

Sep-10-2016, 10:42am
Or is it a Strat?

It's a very early Strat...you can see some great pics of it here (https://www.facebook.com/Strings-West-of-Tulsa-93530552447/photos/?tab=album&album_id=104201777447)...
Clapton offered him 10K for it back in the (I think) 70's....

Does anyone know if the ACL gig was the "Back to Back" band's only performance??
Or, better yet, was there ever a gig with Ray and Shelly??
I seem to recall a gig at the Great American Music Hall, but not sure...

Sep-10-2016, 10:49am
Doesn't get much better in my book. Thanks for posting.

Sep-10-2016, 7:57pm
Thanks Bruce,
I was thinking of the intro from Marty Stuart in a recording form an album a while back.
That's it!

F-2 Dave
Sep-10-2016, 9:31pm
Great stuff. I always said if I could play fiddle like anyone I'd want to play like Johnny Gimble. Tiny's great, and Jethro is a real character. That Shamblin guy ain't too bad neither.

Daniel Nestlerode
Sep-18-2016, 4:20pm
Anyone else spotted the late great Rob Wasserman on bass?
Excellent stuff!