View Full Version : Harrick # 2

El Rey del Mando
May-23-2005, 1:42pm
I was able to pry this one out of my brothers hands to get these pics.

El Rey del Mando
May-23-2005, 1:44pm
The top.

El Rey del Mando
May-23-2005, 1:45pm
And the back.

El Rey del Mando
May-23-2005, 1:49pm
It is not rubbed out yet.I wanted to give it some more time.He may not even let me do it because he thinks it may change the sound.I don't think so.Thanks to sunburst for your help and Dale for all the time you spent with a hack like me.


Bill Snyder
May-23-2005, 4:39pm
Nice job. Once you get it buffed out you'll need to post another picture or two.

Lane Pryce
May-23-2005, 4:45pm
Very nice,I love the back and figure in the neck.Hows it play and sound? Lp

Jun-06-2005, 7:05pm
Hope you don't have a mess under the bridge when you take it off. Let's see some buffed out photos. Looks nice JD

El Rey del Mando
Jun-07-2005, 8:14am
It may look a little funky but,the sound is unbeliveable.I don't know what I did right or wrong to have a sound like this but, I am starting # 3 now.I have a tiny bit better idea of the finish work now though.My brother still won't give it back to me and he says he likes it like it is and he is never going to give it to me to rub it out.He was playing a MT.Flatiron F5A that has a soud and a half and he has not played it since he took this one.I just can't figure it out.# 3 is going to be mine so I won't have to worry about this sort of thing next time.Mike If you are reading this,sorry I let the cat out of the bag on you.What the heck,I'm your brother.You never could whip my butt and you still can't.


Lane Pryce
Jun-07-2005, 8:50am
Brotherly love---taint nuthn else like it!!! Lp