View Full Version : Blackbird- Chord Melody cover- Andrew Buckner

Aug-18-2016, 11:19am
"Blackbird" by the Beatles has to be one of the most beautiful tunes ever penned, and in my opinion stands out even in the infinitely epic catalogue produced by the various members of the "super band". This chord-melody is my attempt at interpreting one of my all-time favorite pieces. #thebeatles #blackbird #mandolin #coversongs #melody #chordmelody

Aug-18-2016, 6:09pm
This is lovely, and it's refreshing to hear chord melody played on Mando. thanks.

Aug-19-2016, 11:48am
Fifths, thanks so much!!!! I appreciate the kind words. I have been thinking about doing this as a chord melody for awhile, and based the melody off of Brad Mehldau's interpretation, with the chord structure similar to the Beatles. :)