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Jul-08-2016, 6:38am
Thought I'd post a video from a recent gig. A friend asked me if I could play some violin with their black metal band - I said let's add some mandolin too! :))

Below is the result (far from perfect, I know, but I'm learning).


Jul-08-2016, 9:12am
The mandolin does fit in, but any instrument can work with black metal. I do artwork for my friends black metal band.hes a singer,, err ,a 'vocalist', since I never could understand a word he is grunting and screaming. To be honest, out of everything I listen to, I remove myself from the black metal scene, my friend used to play me a lot of it, and I didn't care for hardly any of it. Besides, I thought the face painting thing was dead and over...

Richard J
Jul-08-2016, 10:16am
I'm glad I'm old...

Jul-09-2016, 10:29am
The mandolin fit in well. In fact, it almost sounded like electrified folk music as I couldn't make out (or even hear) the singer in most of that. Good job mixing in some mandolin!


Jul-20-2016, 12:57pm

John O'Brien
Jul-20-2016, 3:56pm
I like when different folk instruments are added to the basic BM sound. You guys have a bigger tolerance for it in your part of the world. A band like Turisas can play to 10,000 people there, and lucky to draw 100-200 here in most US cities.