View Full Version : Added "character"

Timothy S
Jul-06-2016, 9:46pm
Caught myself tapping my pick on the mandolin during a practice break reading some threads on the Cafe. Left a few dents in the finish. Guess she's got some "character" now!

I used to drum my fingers (and nails) on my guitars pretty frequently. Always did like tapping on things. Anyone else ever catch themselves doing something that added a little extra "uniqueness" to their instruments?


Barry Wilson
Jul-06-2016, 11:20pm
too often

Jul-07-2016, 7:05am
I have discovered that dropping an iPhone on the top is a pretty good character builder.

Atlanta Mando Mike
Jul-07-2016, 10:49am

Jim Garber
Jul-07-2016, 3:41pm
I generally have play wear on all my roundhole guitars. I play guitar backup for fiddle tunes pretty heavily incorporating both bass lines and chords and somehow it happens. I also do thump gthe guitar top at times but use the fleshy part of my thumbs, never my nails. My trusty A2 snakehead also has wear around the soundhole but I have had that for over 30 years. Yes, I probably did that to that mandolin.