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Welcome Train
May-19-2005, 9:18am
Mandolin player (not professionally, but for fun), looking for a local mandolin club/society/organization--a group that meets periodically and provides an opportunity to play solo or in a group.

Daniel Nestlerode
May-23-2005, 3:27pm
You should join the Calif. Bluegrass Association (link) (http://www.cbaontheweb.org). There are regional reps who can point you in the right direction for finding folks in your area. Plus there's the Father's Day BG Fest coming up right quick in Grass Valley, which will have more jamming than you'll be able to participate in for the weekend of June 17-18-19.
You might also go visit 5th String in Sacto and see if they have any contacts.
Let me know if you're ever in the Modesto area.


May-31-2005, 12:26pm
I live in Auburn, and would like to meet up with some other musicians also to pick with (although I'm just learning and slow). I have made it down to the Fith String in sacto a couple of times. They have a Thursday night jam every week from 7pm to about 10pm, and a core group of regulars that show up. Its Very comfortable for all skill levels and the locals are talented and gracious.

Dru Lee Parsec
Jun-02-2005, 5:19pm
Hey Guys: I have friends in Auburn and I go up to visit quite often. In fact, I'll be up there next weekend (the 10th to the 13th). Email me via the "Contact Us" page of my web site and let's see if we can get together and jam.