View Full Version : Brian, Starr & Ben

Brian Ray
Jun-30-2016, 9:23am
A few vids (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5N9RXacy_g&list=PL4cjlHFfyP5tsftFV0BMe7u71XnL9nqhW) from a new project...

https://youtu.be/YqmCXQElFVY?list=PL4cjlHFfyP5tsftFV0BMe7u71XnL9nqh W

Brian Ray - mandolin (Duff)
Starr Moss - guitar
Ben Sanders - fiddle

Skip Kelley
Jul-01-2016, 8:50am
Brian, you guys sound good! I really like your singing! If I could sing like that I never shut my mouth!:mandosmiley:

Mark Wilson
Jul-01-2016, 8:58am
Love it! you guys are good. And if I could play mandolin like that I'd not leave the porch :cool:

Steve Sorensen
Jul-01-2016, 9:04am
Good fun.

Don Grieser
Jul-01-2016, 10:31am
Is your house orange too? Great music.

Brian Ray
Jul-01-2016, 9:49pm
Lulz. Yes, my house is also orange :) It's not why I bought... I swear!

Don Grieser
Jul-02-2016, 9:13am
It was orange when you bought it? :disbelief:

Brian Ray
Jul-02-2016, 1:27pm
'Twas. Not shockingly, I kept it orange when I repainted ;)

Thanks for the kind words all. There's a few more vids on "The Tube" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5N9RXacy_g&list=PL4cjlHFfyP5tsftFV0BMe7u71XnL9nqhW). Fun cut of Southern Flavor too...