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Michael Weaver
Jun-29-2016, 11:14pm
I just recorded a lady last week singing Wayfaring Stranger. I put down a simple melody line on the mandolin and got some pretty clean sounds. I used my Weber Yellowstone for this one.

MJ-384 into an API 512 on the neck.
C414 XLS into a Neve 1073 for the body.


Mark Gunter
Jun-29-2016, 11:21pm
Nice treatment, this has always been a favorite tune for me. Y'all sound good!

Michael Weaver
Jun-29-2016, 11:31pm
Thank you, Mark. I appreciate that.

Al Trujillo
Jun-30-2016, 8:47am
Sweet!! Very well done, Michael. The Yellowstone is on my dream list and hearing yours just brought a tear to my eye. :)

Skip Kelley
Jun-30-2016, 9:45am
Nice job, Michael! I really enjoyed that! Thanks for sharing with us!

Michael Weaver
Jun-30-2016, 11:46am
Thank you, Al and Skip. It is much appreciated.

Jul-09-2016, 6:50am
great sound

Jul-10-2016, 6:27am
Working in the tremelo without coming out cheesey or flubbing it along the way is so difficult for me. You did a great job. Nice tone too.

Jul-12-2016, 7:01am
Great job ! Loved it !

Jul-12-2016, 9:07pm
Sweet, I have always loved that song as is the first one I learned on the Mandolin,

Austin Bob
Jul-13-2016, 2:47pm
Me likey!

Great job on one of my all time favorite songs. I've heard this overplayed by some. To me the message is in the lyrics, the instruments should have a supporting, not a leading role, and I think you captured that sentiment.

Jul-14-2016, 3:28pm
Real nice! A real favorite of mine.

Jul-14-2016, 5:12pm
Great job from me as well. I picked what I could from Sam Bush's version. Another tune that has more than a few similarities is "Flatbush Waltz" by Andy Statman. Check it out.

Len B.
Clearwater, FL