View Full Version : Who to choose/Mike Compton/John Moore

Taube Marks
May-18-2005, 1:22pm
I need to make a decision about a mandolin course that I hope to attend next spring. When first advertised, there was one choice of teacher: John Moore, who I understand taught Chris Thile, and who I was able to observe from a distance this year at Sore Fingers where he taught bluegrass guitar. I was keen to have him as a teacher next year, as I understood he was a very good instructor, as well as being an oustanding player. SO many folks signed up for the mandolin class that we now have another teacher for the second cohort, and he is none other than Mike Compton, who has taught at SFSS in the past. He is player whose work I admire, and the very good players in prvious classes have always spoke highly of him. I am an average player, a note reader and an ear player, but frankly a real klutz at tab (I find it so slow). I love old time and bluegrass, but am probably better at the former.

I can do my big chop chords and move them around to play in other keys as well as play double stops by ear. I am weak on other chords, especially Xminor or X7 (and real music theory, you now the half hammered diminished 9th kind of thing is like algebra to me...it took me two and a half years to pass a one year high school algebra course...not many people know that...but I guess they do now).

Anyone have an opinion (what a silly question) or experience of either of these two fine gentlemen. Thanking you in advance...