View Full Version : Silverangel econo A number 2

Jun-14-2016, 10:11am
This ones a killer like the first one. Love this redwood and old violin look.....;)

Randi Gormley
Jun-14-2016, 10:17am
pretty -- is it really red or is that just the photo?

Francis J
Jun-14-2016, 10:32am
That's really nice Ken, love the look!

Clement Barrera-Ng
Jun-14-2016, 11:45am

Jun-14-2016, 7:22pm
Looks great! I can't wait to play one! Just make sure #5 is just as killer ;)

Skip Kelley
Jun-15-2016, 5:36am
Ken, that looks great! I love the curly maple back; that's nice!