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Jun-12-2016, 9:05am
Hi all,
I've been lurking here for years but never yet posted. Completing this first kit build would have been a whole lot trickier without the masses of info I've gained from these pages - so thanks to all and it's about time I gave a bit back !

I bought the kit about 3 years ago. It came with no f -holes cut, and both top and back wood have very little figure, but seemed nice bits of timber all the same.
I've graduated the top and back close to some F5 specs I found on the cafe. Reshaped, reveneered and plugged and drilled the headstock for new tuner positions. Removed the fitted frets, cambered the board and put some larger banjo size wire back in. The neck needed sanding and shimming to get what I thought was a good fit. Changed the front binding for some dark red, tortoise kinda stuff and then finished in a Gretsch orange tint and clear lacquer.
The bridge quality was pretty good, and the tailpiece not bad either.
How does it sound ? hmmm, not as rich as my redwood Morris, but then that is no surprise. It's got that brassy cut that some times I think is fantastic and other times is a bit harsh. Although I think it will fit well in our band, playing country, punk, pop stuff being able to holdf it's own against the drummer.

Here's some pics and a link to tube vid. https://youtu.be/A6rOun2W4ic

Jun-12-2016, 9:30am
REALLY nice job, Antony! I like the modifications you made - the snakehead, the tortoise binding, the scooped end of the fret board, and the larger frets. The f-holes look very classy. Can you please show us a side view so we can see a bit more of the binding? I think it sounds quite good too! Something to be proud of, CONGRATULATIONS!


Skip Kelley
Jun-12-2016, 12:33pm
Looks great! I like that color!

Jun-12-2016, 1:51pm
Thanks for the compliments. I checked what the binding was called - red pearl, nothing to do with tortoise real or not! 147245