View Full Version : Cold and wet day

Barry Wilson
Jun-11-2016, 10:16pm
It rained and wind blew hard. That poor gazebo tried to get airborn many a time today. This was a new location for the market.

and I had many compliments on the sound quality of that little roland mobile cube. so much sound from such a tiny box on aa batteries.

there was an arts council thing going and I had to wait if I needed power. nope set me up wherever. I am on batteries :D


Bertram Henze
Jun-12-2016, 12:07am
There is a lot of Apollo 13 bravery in that story. What's more, the picture seems to suggest that you are playing all on your own, while everybody else have taken cover from that rainsquall approaching right behind the camera :cool:

Barry Wilson
Jun-12-2016, 10:26am
yes I was playing to the courtyard. It was certainly a strange setup. Right in front were steps going down. to my far left the arts council had a show going and to my right was the farmer market. I did 3 hrs without a break other than to grab that stupid gazebo a few times lol. the pay was decent so cuddling with a heater and a beer when I got home wasn't bad. Luck of the draw playing outside. last weekend was so hot I was getting dehydrated playing.

I had a floor mat from the van on the ground to keep the feet dry and I smartened up and started using a padded bar stool.

today It looks nicer out. back to my home market and tonight I am headlining an indoor stage for a change