View Full Version : my new to me Johnson resonator

Jun-09-2016, 4:14pm
It was setup for slide, but my wife found the original nut in the pocket so i switched them just need to work on bridge to lower the action some but i like the sound and it plays fine the aay it is.


Jun-09-2016, 4:17pm

Here's a video of me on it recorded thru my phone so it's not the best quality

Jun-09-2016, 4:59pm

Jun-10-2016, 5:58am
Can't see the video - just drops me on facebook mobile, but no vid :(

I have a really beat up one of these - It has been heavily gigged, bashed around and scratched etc, but I still love it.

I didn't pay much for it, but I used it enough that I needed to do a refret and replace the bridge (a piece cut from an old wooden school ruler did the job).

It has been replaced in my gigging by a Stuart Wailing custom resonator, but it sure as hell isn't getting sold any time soon.