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John M. Riley
Jun-07-2016, 8:39pm
Here is a video that a friend of mine made a few years back. He is playing the banjo, guitar and bass but asked me to play the mandolin. Let me know what you think, thanks for watching!


Marty Jacobson
Jun-07-2016, 11:06pm
Mighty fine, mighty fine.

Mark Gunter
Jun-07-2016, 11:31pm
Good pickin' all around, thanks for sharing! :mandosmiley:

Barry Wilson
Jun-07-2016, 11:31pm
Tell him to turn up the mandolin... the player was really good but I want to hear him better ;)

Jun-08-2016, 4:27am
Nice mando picking! Is that your Silverangel? Sounds great.

Could be wrong, but was the banjo player speeding up on some of his runs?

Bertram Henze
Jun-08-2016, 6:35am
was the banjo player speeding up on some of his runs?

I think I heard it, too. When you tend to do that, you need accompanists with rock-solid timing or else it's the death spiral of speed for all.

And there was much too little of mandolin solo airtime, of course :cool:

Jun-08-2016, 7:45am
That was nothing short of fantastic by everyone ! Thanks for posting !!

Jun-08-2016, 8:19am
Just watched it a second time and I'm seriously impressed with that second mando solo!

Jun-08-2016, 8:29am
Excellent! Needs more mandolin of course...but Excellent!

Jim Hudson
Jun-08-2016, 9:23am
Great picking', gorgeous mando, both sight and sound.

Jun-08-2016, 11:14am
Nicely done and excellent video work..

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Nicely done and excellent video work..

John M. Riley
Jun-10-2016, 11:20pm
Hey guys, sorry for the slow response. I hadn't been on here in a couple days. Thanks for taking the time to look at this video and feel free to share it anywhere. As far as anything speeding up in the video or the mixing of the video, I didn't have much control over. The guy on the banjo mixed and recorded everything. He just randomly called me up and said "Hey I need you to play mandolin on this video ' he came up that evening and I put the mandolin in for him and that was all I had to do with it. I was pretty pleased with it. For the record, the banjo players name is John Moore and he has lots of other neat videos on his YouTube channel, but sadly this is the only one I played in. Thanks again guys!

John M. Riley
Jun-10-2016, 11:26pm
And yes, that was the silverangel. Tone to the bone!