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Jun-04-2016, 11:26pm

Jun-04-2016, 11:56pm

:grin: :)) :) Neat stuff. Maybe next up is Cluck Old Hen? :mandosmiley: :)

Also that's a really tame rooster ~:> there, one of the ones we had when I was a kid would attack anything that dared to get near the flock. I still have a scar from a sharp rooster claw cutting right through my Levi's just above the boot line, roosters can hurl themselves at you with their feet extended and claws poised to do damage. But, our rooster just thought he was doing his job of protection, as we had issues with predators such as coyotes and weasels messing with the flock if they got half a chance. A good mean rooster (or, preferably, a good fence) helps cut down the casualties.

Jim Garber
Jun-05-2016, 2:22pm
Nice! Here's an old thread from 2008 (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?41401-Chickens-with-mandolins) on a similar subject.

Jun-06-2016, 9:56am
Well done! My girls are getting tired of Cluck Old Hen, I know what to learn next!