View Full Version : Harris F-5 Mandolin

Troy Harris
Jun-02-2016, 7:15pm
Inspired by a metal engraving illustration, I designed and hand cut this flower inlay from black mother of pearl.

Troy Harris
Jun-02-2016, 7:20pm
Red spruce top, binding with side purfling, 24 fret fingerboard with scooped extension, ebony abbreviated finger-rest, silver plated hand engraved tailpiece, hot hide glue construction, hand applied stain, varnish and french polish.

Troy Harris
Jun-02-2016, 7:23pm
Sugar maple one piece back.

Kirk Albrecht
Jun-02-2016, 7:31pm
Beautiful, and very nice website.

Skip Kelley
Jun-02-2016, 7:51pm
Troy, that F5 is perfect! Nice work! I love the black pearl; I just cut my name out of some black pearl! I like the rainbow colors in it!

Troy Harris
Jun-05-2016, 8:28pm
...some more details.

Applying the stain.

Troy Harris
Jun-05-2016, 8:33pm
French polish.

Andrew B. Carlson
Jun-10-2016, 10:57am
Holy crow! That is beautiful! Excellent curves and proportions!

Jun-11-2016, 8:03am
Mr. Harris you do amazing work, very Loarish in the details. I love it.

Jun-11-2016, 12:46pm
...silver plated hand engraved tailpiece...

Hi Troy...
Nice work!
How hard is it to silver plate a TP? Can you recommend someone who might do this?

Troy Harris
Jun-11-2016, 5:08pm
Hey Bruce,
Thank you. I had many tailpiece covers destroyed by plating companies until I found Colonial Silver Plating Co. Nashville, TN. Colonial was reliable with consistent results, but unfortunately they are out of business. I was told that Gibson uses Advanced Plating Inc. Nashville, TN. 1-800-588-6686. I have no experience with them, but eventually I will need to find another reliable silver plating company and Iíll let you know when I do.

Jun-11-2016, 5:14pm
Thanks Troy...
I'm on the hunt too, and will let you know if I run across anyone...