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Don Grieser
May-26-2016, 11:23pm
I thought I was over scroll fever. Then I had a chance to get this Passernig. I've had it for a couple months now and I'm more impressed every time I play it. It's got a really great voice, loud and so responsive. Just so much fun to play. Audio is recorded with video camera mic, no other processing.


May-27-2016, 7:02am
Sounds killer, Don. If you ever get over the scroll fever I'm first on the list!!

Great pickin'.

May-27-2016, 7:17am
Nice picking, Don. And while I have not yet been formally diagnosed with scroll fever, I well recognize the familiar symptoms of Passernig flu!

Drew Egerton
May-27-2016, 8:35am
Very nice Don! I've yet to play one in person but the video is impressive. Good job on Southern Flavor as well, one of my favorites.

May-27-2016, 8:55am

Trey Young
May-27-2016, 9:12am
Sounds great! Better change that avatar to reflect the fever!

Perilous Deep
May-27-2016, 11:48am
Love that even, woody tone. Thanks for giving us a quick listen!

May-27-2016, 12:59pm
That's got THE tone!

Denny Gies
May-27-2016, 1:22pm
Problem is there ain't no medication for that. Nice catch.

Don Grieser
May-27-2016, 1:51pm
Sounds great! Better change that avatar to reflect the fever!

Avatar fixed.

May-27-2016, 1:55pm
That's got THE tone!

agreed! tone for days... i believe this mandolin is available, no?

May-27-2016, 1:57pm
If fixing that avatar means that your Heiden A is now for sale, SOLD!

Don Grieser
May-27-2016, 2:17pm
Sorry, the Heiden's not going anywhere. And the Passernig is no longer available. Believe I'm set now.

May-27-2016, 5:05pm
Don, glad to see you came to grips :)) with the neck, I drooled over that mandolin and I don't usually have scroll fever, just interested in a Passernig.

Carleton Page
May-30-2016, 9:53pm
Sounds great!

Don Grieser
Jun-12-2016, 5:04pm
Here's how it sounded today.

Jun-12-2016, 5:55pm
Don let me get my hands on this one at a recent gathering and it is a killer instrument.

Don Grieser
Jul-05-2016, 10:32pm
A little more Monroe.

Between the Passernig and my Heiden A5, I haven't experienced MAS for a couple months now. Weird.

Feb-01-2017, 6:48pm
I made a short demo of #42 today. I haven't played much mandolin lately so forgive my fat fingers. This one is from 2007 and is sounding really good after a recent fret dressing.