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May-16-2005, 2:58pm
May's monthly informal meeting of the Columbus Guitar Society (http://www.columbusguitarsociety.org/) is to be this very Saturday, 21 May 2005, from 1 pm until we get tired of being there, there being the Borders Books, Music & Cafe at the corner of Kenny and Henderson Rds. Columbus, OH 43220 (map (http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&country=US&addtohistory=&searchtab=home&address=4545+Kenny+Rd&city=&state=&zipcode=43220)). Any readers who desire, swing by with your 6-string guitar (of course), requinto, 5-course guitar, 4-course guitar, vihuela da mano, viola da terra, oud, renaissance lute, baroque lute, cittern, theorbo, charango, archcittern, Neapolitan mandolin, mandolino, gittern, English guittar, chitarra battente, (heaven forfend...) banjo, strumento a pizzico ad infinitum and play us some art music of any era on whatever you happen to be pining to pluck, or just come out to chat and listen. I almost always have a couple different incarnations of historic mandolin in tow. The setting is casual and supportive in the extreme. I'd love to meet all you lot out there.

May-17-2005, 3:16pm
PS: By "art music," I am referring to what most characters would call "classical." Sorry. This is a cut-and-paste from an e-mail targeted at a more specialized audience.

May-18-2005, 1:24pm
PS: By "art music," I am referring to what most characters would call "classical." #Sorry.
Does this mean I can't bring my 64-box of Crayolas for filling in half and whole notes? Was looking forward to making "art music" - with a burnt sienna flair, naturally... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif


May-18-2005, 1:41pm

Jun-10-2005, 4:30pm
The time is upon us once again! We will be meeting after one brief week on 18 June 2005. Time and location details as above. See you then!

Jun-13-2005, 4:34pm
I'll be returning to Ohio in July for a family reunion/graduation ceremony...i'll PM ya before i leave and maybe we can hookup for a while. We have some very good friends in Minerva Park we always spend at least a day or 2 with whenever we get back east.

Nov-14-2005, 1:55pm
I have been negligent, but we've still been meeting...and I almost always bring along some type of mandolin. #

19 November, 1 pm: Borders Books, Music & Cafe at the corner of Kenny and Henderson Rds. Columbus, OH 43220 will find us holding the next informal monthly gathering of the Columbus Guitar Society. As always, the setting is casual and supportive in the extreme; bring a guitar (or kin) and make some classical music for us all. The Czar's Guitars (Oleg Timofeyev (http://www.russianguitar.net/) and John Schneiderman (http://www.johnschneiderman.com/): see The Columbus Guitar Society (http://www.columbusguitarsociety.org/calendar.htm) for detail) are playing on the concert series that very evening. Both have extensive discographies on respected classical labels like Dorian, Centaur, Hanssler, etc. and will be performing with original 19th-c. Russian 7-string guitars. I have managed to bring recording artists with me to these meetings in the past. That is a distinct possibility here.

Jan-19-2006, 10:58pm
Oleg and John did come out to the November meeting and it was good fun. John did some impromptu Celtic noodling on my mandolino Bresciano for our amusement. This month's meeting on Saturday, 21 January, will only feature me and the regulars, but feel free to join us just the same. See above for detail of time and location.

Jan-20-2006, 2:16pm
Columbus is a little ways to go from Toledo, but I might try to make it out next month. I'm desperately looking for people to play with.

Jan-20-2006, 10:57pm
We'd love to have you, Katie. So you know, our focus is very much classical music. My day job takes me into NW Ohio with some frequency. Our paths may cross some day here or there.

Feb-18-2006, 9:36am
Sorry for the short notice, but our meeting is today (place and time as above). #I and at least one other will be there with mandolins. #There'll be plenty of guitars...and there's a slight chance that one of the most decorated young classical guitarists in the field, Goran Krivokapic; (http://www.guitarfoundation.org/tour/index.htm), may join us today. #If you don't mind the mandolin in classical music, come on by.

Linda Binder
Feb-20-2006, 11:43am
Eugene, It looks like the Columbus Guitar Society is thriving. Way to go Artistic Director! I'll try to catch Goran's MIlwaukee concert on March 21st. That's quite a tour he's on.

Feb-20-2006, 6:46pm
Thank you, Linda. I certainly do push our little society; whether it's thriving or not is a bit of a judgement call. I try. I have to tell you I was more excited by Goran's program, virtuosity, and musicality than I have been by a solo guitar recital in a long time. If you do go, tell Goran that Columbus (and Eugene) send their best wishes. ...And enjoy it!

Mar-20-2006, 11:14pm
Delayed by a nationwide Borders' cafe remodeling effort, we'll be gathering this Saturday, 1 pm, 25 March. I hope to see any of you lot then.

Apr-09-2006, 9:48pm
15 April, in spite of both Holy Week and Passaover. I'll be there (as described above), loving music and mandolins...and welcoming all.

Apr-13-2006, 11:04pm

I'm going to try and make it this month. My wife has designated this weekend "clean up the yard" but if I can talk her out of it I'll be the one there looking lost with a mandolin case in hand.

I don't play much classical ... ( Arioso, Jesu ) but look forward to hanging and picking up what I can.

-- pete

Apr-14-2006, 6:41am
Groovy, Pete. #I'm driving up to visit my mother for the holiday after tomorrow's meeting. #I won't be able to hang out after the fact, but I'll look forward to seeing you during.

Nov-14-2006, 10:24pm
It's been a while since I updated this little thread, but we're still gathering every third Saturday, and I still usually bring some incarnation(s) of mandolin. This Saturday is it. Jérôme Ducharme (http://www.guitarfoundation.org/tour/index.htm)'s airplane arrives in Columbus at 1:20; I'm picking him up, so I don't expect to be there until the 2:00 hour, but I will be there and may have Jérôme in tow. Jérôme is performing that night at 8:00 pm. Feel free to wirte if you'd like some detail.

Dec-15-2006, 12:08am
It's time again: 1 pm, 16 Dec 2006.

Jan-19-2008, 12:36pm
Still doing this thing every month. I'm on my way and will have at least one mandolin on hand. Come on by if you're free and not offended by "classical" music.

Feb-16-2008, 11:57am
Sho'nuff, it's this very day: details as above. I will bring along my 1908 Martin mandolin and a brand new
guitar by my friend Gary Demos (http://demosguitars.com/). C'mon out ye pickers of stuffy academic music.


Feb-17-2008, 7:55am
lovely guitar Eugene!

Feb-17-2008, 12:11pm
Thanks, Jeff.

Jun-21-2008, 9:23am
Sho'nuff, today, soon... I'll be there. And you?