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Al Bergstein
May-25-2016, 1:07pm
Hi folks. I'm working on a first stage of a video project and would like to find 30 seconds or less of Big Mon doing a hot break. It should be footage you shot yourself and have rights to. We are just doing a promotional "sizzle reel" to sell the concept of the video to funding agencies, so we are not at a point to be able to pay much of anything for the rights for the clip, (other than a credit) but if we get the project funded we'd be glad to pay for useage of the clip. It does not have to be High Def, and it even can be black and white. The main thing we are trying to convey is the excitement and power his solos brought to the music. There's lots of stuff on Youtube but I'm not convinced those folks posting those clips have the rights to do that.

If you do think you have something worth sending over to us, please contact me here in a private message.

Thanks in advance

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Al Bergstein
Mountainstone Productions
Port Townsend

May-25-2016, 1:16pm
Contact Michelle Putnam or James Stiltner; both are on Facebook.

They each have "private" video footage of Bill Monroe, and I know that Michelle personally shot a lot of what they have.

Good Luck with your project!

Al Bergstein
May-25-2016, 1:45pm
Thanks very much. I'll be doing a more formal announcement, perhaps even a Kickstarter, later in the year if all goes well.