View Full Version : 1985 Flatiron A5 Artist v. 2006 Poe A5

May-21-2016, 3:49pm
Quick comparison of my A5's. X-braced Flatiron vs. tone bar braced Poe.
Amateur recording using a pair of Rode NT5's into Scarlett 2i2.
Excuse my playing, but gives an idea of the differences in tone.

George R. Lane
May-21-2016, 4:03pm
I found the Flatiron to have a more woody tone and the Poe to be a little brighter. Both of them sound really good. If I had to choose I would take the Flatiron.

May-21-2016, 4:45pm

George, I believe that you may be a little biased, as you live in the beautiful state in which my Flatiron was born ;) I agree with your assessment concerning the tone, but the Poe is the one that I usually play these days. Other than sounding fantastic (in my opinion), It is the most comfortable mando that I have ever picked up. The radiused fretboard on the Poe has me spoiled now as well...

May-22-2016, 7:41am
Link to sound file as well: