View Full Version : 3rd Creek Bluegrass new videos

Drew Egerton
May-17-2016, 7:51am
Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd share a link to some of the new videos we have posted of our band that is just getting started around the Lake Norman area in North Carolina.

The easiest way is a link to our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/3rdCreekBluegrass/ (since they are directly uploaded I don't THINK I can embed?)
You should be able to view publicly without being a member of the site....I hope

The latest was from last night's jam with some good friends in Troutman and is Sledd Ridin' which I 100% improvised because I can't remember all these banjo tunes! lol.

Hope you enjoy!

Don Grieser
May-17-2016, 7:34pm
Enjoyed the Sledd Ride--that Kelley mandolin sure cuts right through.

Drew Egerton
May-18-2016, 10:09am
Thanks for checking it out Don! I'm learning I'll need to play a little quieter sometimes with the Kelley than I'm used to.. :)

May-19-2016, 2:50pm
Hey Drew!

Sounds good man!

If you upload your videos to YouTube(all you need is a Google acount, like a gmail account), then they can be imbedded and also be accessible to those who don't Facebook.

You guys look like you're having fun, nice stuff Brotha!

Drew Egerton
May-20-2016, 2:08pm
Hey Nick, thanks! I really appreciate that.
We did create a Youtube account also for such things but I don't think we've uploaded the latest batch there yet. Thanks for the reminder to do so! From what I'm told, Youtube and Facebook don't get along that well so when you share a youtube link on a band 'page' it doesn't always show up in everybody's timeline that likes the page.
It's good to have both though anyway.

Thanks again!