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May-16-2016, 2:39pm
Have to shout out loud about my new instrument, truly an amazing masterpiece by Mr. L Smart. The finest mandola I've every played, and I'm pretty stoked about it. Got to use it in concert the night it came in the mail and it exceeds expectations. Of course United Airlines managed to put a serious dent in the Calton case on the flight home. Thank the gods for Calton cases.

Spencer C


Marc Berman
May-16-2016, 3:03pm
Love my Smart F5. My friend, Wayne, has got an A, F5 and A mandola. All Smarts. They are all fabulous instruments. Lawrence's work is very consistent. They all have that Lawrence sound.

Perilous Deep
May-16-2016, 4:52pm
Thanks for giving us a peek. It's a beautiful instrument, though I'm sure the sound and feel is what makes it truly special. I was just listening to Reischman's album Walk Along John yesterday and was stunned by the sound of his Smart 'dola. What scale length is yours?

May-16-2016, 9:40pm
A Heiden F5 and a Smart mandola......quite the pair!

May-16-2016, 10:19pm
I'm pretty sure it's 16 3/8. Just the right balance of playability and a non floppy C string. Really great.

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Haven't played one of his F5's but would like to some day.

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I think they will play nicely together.

May-17-2016, 4:44am
Looks like your Heiden might be one of his Heritage Models, like this one (http://www.magills.net/HeidenF5.html), maybe?

Skip Kelley
May-17-2016, 5:18am
Spencer, congratulations! That's a real nice bench too!

May-17-2016, 9:24am
Looks like your Heiden might be one of his Heritage Models, like this one (http://www.magills.net/HeidenF5.html), maybe?

Mine is without the heritage level woods, but it sounds mighty fine!