View Full Version : One Dog Instruments build for Mike Guggino

Drew Egerton
May-11-2016, 7:32am
I came across this via the Steep Canyon Rangers social media. Hopefully this Facebook link works for everyone even if you aren't a user..
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1674729656121127.1073741861.148744022818340 5&type=3

If I understand correctly it's actually a 5-string octave electric. So, pretty much a guitar? lol. Anyway, it looks great and will be interesting to see what Mike winds up doing with it. I had not heard of this maker before.

May-11-2016, 10:39am
Looks like the Rangers are going Americana on us....

May-11-2016, 10:46am
Shaun, you hit the nail on the head. This process began when they started playing with Steve Martin, and Graham had to switch to electric guitar since Steve was on the 5. This was exacerbated by the addition of the dude banging the wooden box (cajon- I know). This development effectively neutered Mike's rhythmic role as mando, since his chop was replaced by the wooden box. I was a huge fan of Steep Canyon Rangers, and slavishly followed their development back in NC. I know the Steve Martin gig was a feather in their cap, playing to huge audiences and new folks, but to me, in my selfish worldview, it was the beginning of the end of their "bluegrass" status and change to folk/Americana. YMMV

May-11-2016, 12:24pm
Somebody is ahead of us:


May-11-2016, 12:50pm
I just hate seeing 6-pole guitar pickups on an instrument like that ... are custom 5-pole or blade pickups that hard to find?

Drew Egerton
May-11-2016, 4:58pm
Just wanted to add that Mike does a ton of playing locally with other bands as SCR touring allows, so it's not 100% certain this is going to be used there.
He already has at least one electric Mando I know of and it hasn't turned up yet in their shows I don't think. Oh, and he has a killer Kimble mandola.

Their sound is certainly evolving over the years as the article points out and some will love it and some will hate it. Even as a huge 13+ year fan, the new stuff took a little getting used to.

Anyway, just wanted to clarify that.

Drew Egerton
May-17-2016, 7:47am
As a follow up, I saw the Rangers Friday night and there was no mandola content acoustic or otherwise lol.
Excellent show though, but certainly pushing the limits on bluegrass if you're strict!