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May-06-2016, 6:07pm
Hi Everyone,

This is my first thread starter on this forum which has been a wealth of information for me since taking up the Mandolin a couple years back (after many years of playing guitar and 5 string banjo).

Anyway, I went to the Acoustic Music Company in Brighton UK about a month ago looking to buy my first really nice mandolin. I was pretty much set on the oval hole arch-top sound (my musical interests are in Celtic, old time, and a bit of classical). While trying out some Webers (and expecting to leave with a Gallatin or Bitterroot), the salesman brought out a Summit oval hole built by Paul Schneider (back in 7/2013 though for sale as new), a model A-100-4. I had never heard of Summit before, and I understood why after looking up the name their website only shows bluegrass oriented instruments with f-holes. Upon playing it I was immediately taken by its bell-like tone and clarity. It sounded brighter to me than the Gallatin (which to my ears had a darker, more complex tone which brightened when played loudly I imagine it would open up beautifully). Among the Webers it sounded closest to the Bitterroot, but I kept being drawn back to the Summit which I happily purchased (for around 500 less than the Bitterroot). I've since been completely delighted with this instrument, and thought I'd post some photos since I haven't seen any pictures of Summit oval holes on the web.

Thanks again to all of the Forum members who have made this website such a valuable resource.



Nick Gellie
May-06-2016, 7:42pm
Good choice. I am sure that you will be very happy with it. I have a Black A2 which is very comparable to your Old Summit.


May-06-2016, 8:24pm
I have an A-style Summit with f-holes and it is a great instrument!