View Full Version : Broken Sky Music Video

Jim Nollman
Apr-20-2016, 1:47pm
I thought some here might be interested to view this music video written and produced by well known earth artist (and an old collaborator of mine) Daniel Dancer.

Find it here:


I got involved in the project about midway in the creation process, and ended up remixing the song by vastly altering the drums, adding a coda with bird calls, adding the shimmery pulse, and a lead played on mandolin. The mandolin was a 1984 F5 Kentucky 850, modulated by software called Guitar Rig. I recorded the mandolin using a Rode K2 mic through an Apollo Twin interface into Protools.

And what a surprise, this generational anthem about climate change is starting to win awards at film festivals. If you like it, vote for it in this contest.