View Full Version : Levin Model 54, Collings MF, Gibson TG-50

Jake Wildwood
Apr-20-2016, 4:48am
I finished-up a couple of instruments over the last few days and figured I'd share eye-candy. First is a spruce/birch 1954 Levin (Swedish) model 54 mando:




Next is a 1960 Gibson TG-50:




A Collings MF also beached itself over here -- had to share because these are always eye-poppingly crisp:




Apr-20-2016, 12:23pm
Got to love the back on that Collings!

F-2 Dave
Apr-20-2016, 12:40pm
Yeah, that Collings has some pretty wild flame in the maple. I'm also digging the wide grained spruce on the top. Did Collings use Englemann on the MF tops? The tenor is super cool as well.

Charles E.
Apr-20-2016, 7:42pm
For some strange reason I have a strong desire to hear these three instruments recorded in a trio setting.

Jake Wildwood
Apr-21-2016, 8:40am
For some strange reason I have a strong desire to hear these three instruments recorded in a trio setting.

That'd be awesome, but unlikely... :) ...if I had more time on my hands I'd make your wish true.

Charles E.
Apr-21-2016, 10:17pm
Yea Jake, I know it was wishful thinking. That Gibson TG-50 sure looks sweet, I had one many years ago and regret the day I sold it. The mandolins are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, visually and sound wise but it would be fun to hear them played together.

Keep up the good work!