View Full Version : From Russia with Love

Apr-17-2016, 3:38pm
Here are some photos of my new prima domra, made by a luthier in Russia. I'm using it in the Russian orchestra I play with. Pretty psyched about it! bb


Paul Busman
Apr-17-2016, 7:13pm
That is gorgeous! How is it tuned? Could you post some sound clips?

Apr-17-2016, 8:05pm
Thanks! It's tuned just like a mandolin, E A D G. It's pretty much the same size as well, such that switching from mandolin to the domra doesn't require much mental adjustment. Except the domra has noticeably more tension on the strings, and sometimes I don't push hard enough with my left hand when we're playing fast.

As far as sound clips, I've never made any before. Can I do that with my phone somehow? bb

Apr-18-2016, 2:34am
that's quite lovely, enjoy it!

Jeff Mando
Apr-18-2016, 3:59am
very interesting!

Paul Busman
Apr-19-2016, 7:59pm
The camera app in your phone should also take video, including sound.